Private Label

Private Label made simple with Cupid Labs.!Private label of sexual enhancers


Promote Your OWN BRAND sexual products!

We produce top-quality formulas for clients in large and small quantity, and offer the fastest manufacturing time in the industry! 


Cupid Labs Formulations: Private Label Sex product

    • Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac


  • Liquid Aphrodisiacs
  •  Capsule form Aphrodisiacs
  • Penis Enlargement Pills
  • Penis Enlargement Liquid
  • Penis Enlargement Gel
  • Erection Pills / Capsules
  • Erection Liquid
  • Erection Gel
  • Delay Capsules
  • Delay Liquid
  • Delay Gel or cream
  • Delay Spray
  • Breast Enlargement Pills
  • Breast Enlargement Liquid
  • Breast Enlargement Gel or Cream
  • Climax Pills for women
  • Climax Liquid for women
  • Climax Gel for women
  • Customer’s formulations
  • We can produce any kind of enhancer, liquid, capsules, tablets, sprays & etc.

Easy Private Label

Advantages of Private Label Production:

    • Small to Large Batch Production 


    • Powdering, Blending & Mixing 


    • Formulation & Product Development


    • Hard 2-piece Capsule Filling


    • Tableting


    • Softgels (Liquid and Oil)


    • Liquid Extraction and Filling


    • High Efficiency Intelligent Film Coating


    • Solid Dosage Bottling and Labeling


    • Blister Packaging


    • Analytical Testing


    • Microbiology Lab


  • Export Documentation


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