About our company

Company Profile

Cupid Labs Ltd is a research driven manufacturer, specialized in development, manufacturing and marketing of herbal erotic products like sexual enhancers, stimulating pills and gels, glide creams and erotic oils. Our company is focused on manufacturing and distribution of sexual health products for men and women.

Private Label

Cupid Laboratories is a manufacturer providing OEM and private label service for natural health sexual products. Cupid Labs Europe’s advanced facilities are in accordance with European GMP standards. Our unique team of QC, pharmaceutical and nutritional specialists and over 10 years of professional experience in natural & herbal products manufacturing and supply, results in our continuous rapid growth. Our vision is to become one of the leading suppliers of sexual health supplement products in Europe and worldwide. We give top priority to providing high quality, customer oriented products and services.

Research & Development

Cupid Labs has a strong R&D team of scientists & university professors dedicated to developing innovative products to meet the market demand.


Cupid Labs Wholesale team offers its production - full range of sexual products to distributors worldwide. The wide range of products are distributed & marketed under the brand name Cupid Labs and different trade marks:
Mr. XXL, Mr. Erection, Orgasmic, MR. Long Love Gel, Sex Drops & etc.