Cupid Glide Professional 200ml

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Cupid Glide Natural - A great multipurpose water-based lube that can be used during sex with a partner, and with any type of material and toys. The long-lasting formula won't stain fabrics, and washes away easily with soap and water when you're finished. It is a breakthrough in personal lubrication. Cupid Glide Natural Lube will extend fun and enhance pleasure measurably!

Cupid Glide Professional 200ml. Water based ultra long lasting special formula for better sex, give yourself more pleasure.

Water based, and suitable for vaginal intercourse - non-staining, non-sticky, odourless and virtually tasteless, and suitable for use with condoms and toys. Women who use Cupid Glide report a delicious tingling feeling and heightened sensation, while men enjoy a firmer erection and cooling sensation.

Pump bottle of 200ml.

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