Cupid Labs Spanish Fly Whiskey

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Be pleasantly surprised! One of the immensely popular product Spanish Fly is now with new taste of Whiskey!

Cupid Labs Spanish Fly Whiskey with taste of whiskey is such a drink. Made up of aphrodisiac ingredients, it inspires passion, boosts your libido and gets you in the mood for love...

The stimulating flavour evoke more desire, feelings of lust and lift you and your partner to paradise-like atmospheres even more.

  • Effective for both men and women 
  • Increases sexual desire 
  • Enhances sexual pleasure 
  • Improves overall sexual functions

Will make the male more excited and increase his libido.
Will make the female more sexually interested in your advances towards her.

Dosage instructions: Put 20 drops in a drink 20-30 minutes before sex

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