Cupidon Sexual Booster - 2 x Erection Pills

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Cupidon Sexual Booster is a sexual enhancer for men, which offers fast and safe results.

Fast-Acting Formula - it takes just 30-40 minutes to feel the amazing effect of Cupidon.

Contains Patented Blend CLERECT-100

You will experience strong and long lasting erections!

Cupidon contains CLERECT-100 blend of high-quality herbal extracts, which stimulate libido and testosterone production. You will feel more sexual desire, more energy and also will experience stronger orgasms. A lot of our customers share that they felt full of sexual energy and ready for action immediately after taking Cupidon Pill.

Suggested use: All you have to do is take 1 pill 30-40 minutes before sex.

Contains: 1 Display package contains 2 capsules

Minimum order quantity: 12 packages of 2 capsules each - ONLY NOW FREE + 1 package Cupidon Pill(2capsules) BONUS with every 12 packages ordered

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