ErectOn Erection Spray

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If stress and everyday stress have affected your potency, we offer ErectOn Spray for a stronger erection.

ErectOn is a spray that has a favorable effect on penile erection, and reinforces held it for a long time, so you can safely enjoy the sexual act and the pleasures of it.

The spray is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin and cause adverse reactions.

Erection spray for man, natural product acting on the erectile dysfunction. A couple of sprays are enough for longlasting erection.

ErectOn Erection Spray is herbal product, 100 % tasted and safe for the body.

Spray the head of the penis and wait so the skin can absorve it, after this enjoy strong and continious erection.

Dosage instruction: Spray the penis 4-5 times 20 minutes before sex

Bottle of 30ml.

I need this spray any time I need sex it gets me hard for hours rely good stuff
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