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eroFame -Erotik Ticaret Sözleşmesi
Erotik endüstrisi için b2b ticaret fuarı
Tarih: 09 - 11 Ekim 2013
Yer: EXPO fairgrounds, Hanover, Germany
Kabin: 116

eroFame -Erotik Ticaret Sözleşmesi
Erotik endüstrisi için b2b ticaret fuarı

Tarih: 03 - 05 Ekim 2012
Yer: EXPO fairgrounds, Hanover, Germany
Kabin: 85

Erotic Exibition

Erotic fair catalogVenus - Berlin

EroFame B2B ticaret fuarı nedir?

eroFame 2011, eroFame 2012 Hanover

Yer: Expo-Fairground Hannover

Ulusal ve uluslararası en iyi markalar eroFame toplanır

In octobre, the eroFame is going to EXPO-Fairground in Hanover. This equally renowned and attractive location will impress both exhibitors and visitors with an atmosphere that is undoubtedly unique in the history of erotic trade fairs – in addition, admissions will be free.

The wholesale companies are not the organisers of the eroFame, but will form a consultative body. All contradicting rumours are wrong, as are statements that the guests’ business addresses will be handed over to the exhibitors. The organiser of the eroFame is a neutral party, obviously.

What is Venus B2B Professional Fair?

VENUS B2B Professional / September 29 - October 01, 2011

Place: Messe Berlin
Messehallen unter'm Funkturm Berlin

This format has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of exhibitors catering exclusively to the professional visitors. This area will open its doors for only a total of three (3) days. Access to end consumers is barred. Exhibitors have a choice of booking either ready-made modular stands or building their own, customized stands.

At the same time we are offering professional visitors the opportunity to use the exclusive B2B entrance at ”Kleiner Stern“ (little star) (as in 2010).


Dear visitors, we invite you to come to our stand on the exibitions to stop by our booth for a first look at our new 2012 Products Catalog and get free samples of our products!