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FOCULIN - Cognitive Enhancer 60 capsules

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Nowadays, the constant stress, the unhealthy food we consume, the harmful pollutants can affect our cognitive functions and also can interfere with the normal brain function. That is why we have carefully selected each ingredient in Fucolin, so that you can provide the important nutrients, which your body and mind crave. With this unique product you will easily improve your mental activity and concentration.

Thanks to its active formula, this product improves reactions, stimulates cognitive abilities and memory.

Fucolin contains the purest and the safest ingredients which stimulate brain activity. This formula has been tested many times in order to prove the beneficial effect of the product. Each and one of the ingredients is a powerful mental enhancer and the combination between them is the key to Fucolin’s success and its high efficiency.

Directions: 2 capsules a day.

Package of 60 capsules.