Ladyagra Sex Pills for women

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LadyagrA enhances a woman’s sexual enjoyment by increasing libido. The active ingredient allows blood to flow to the clitoris, thereby intensifying arousal and heightening satisfaction. LadyagrA has been developed from natural ingredients.

All-natural supplement pill for women that's safe with alcohol, takes effect in less than 30 minutes, and promises an amazingly pleasurable, passionate, and powerful experience. Ladyagra is an all-natural supplement designed to both enhance desire as well as increase physical pleasure.

Ladyagra will give her a tingling experience, and promises the most mind-blowing sex she's ever had!

• Enhanced sexual performance
• Increases female sexual desire
• Increases female sexual pleasure
• Increases sexual function
• Enhanced mood

Dosage instructions: Take both capsules with some water 30 minutes before sex

Packing: 6 capsules in a box

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