NEOFOLLICA - Hair Regenerating serum 50ml

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Neofollica is a natural product, which successfully treats hair loss.

Unlike other hair products, which contain various chemical compounds, Neofollica is specially formulated to treat hair loss from the inside, thanks to all the herbal extracts, amino acids and other ingredients.

There are some medications, which can stop hair loss, but they are very harmful, have unpleasant side effects and can lead to impotence.

Fortunately Neofollica exists – a natural product, which is sold without prescription and stops hair loss.

Also it:

  • Helps for better blood circulation
  • Regulates scalp greasing and sebum secretion
  • Arouses hair follicles
  • Increases the elasticity of the hair
  • Relieves the itching of the scalp

Directions: To rub into the scalp after shower, without washing.

Pack: Serum 50ml