Private Label Delay Liquid

Delay products are very popular among men of all ages. They are the best solution for premature ejaculation. This sexual problem can happen to anyone, but luckily there are formulas, which can help. Delay products, like capsules, liquids, gels and sprays can be found in every sex shop. This is why we offer you the possibility to create Delay liquid under your exclusive Private Label.

You can choose from our various high-quality formulas or order the production of your own formula. We offer you high-quality ingredients and incredible customer service, which will impress you!

Private Labeling is an excellent opportunity to create a product with specific characteristics, which will make a lot of sales and win you the customers’ approval. You can rely on our team of experts, which will use their knowledge and experience for creating the best formula for you.

If you want to manufacture a product, but you don’t own the necessary machines and certificates, Private Labeling is the best solution for you. You will obtain a quality product, without any stress. You will also save a ton of money, because you won’t have to invest in a manufacturing process, which costs a lot. Also, thanks to our experience, we can give you excellent advices on how to improve your product in order to have the best possible version of your Private Label.


We offer you the purest extracts and ingredients for unique formulas! It is so easy to create a Private Label: You can either present us your formula (which we will create for, following your instructions) or choose from our pre-made formulas. It is an easy 3-STEP process:

1. Choose your product

2. Choose your packaging

3. Design your label or let our designers do it

And that’s it – Your own Exclusive product is ready!

So, don’t hesitate, CONTACT US now and get you special Private Label offer for Delay Liquid!